Fruits poor in juice

Fruits poor in juice will be frozen. By thawing, let gape the fruits, not breaking the grains. Dilute in 1 L water 40 g acids mixture [ Using an acid mixture for the sap correction leads to more harmonious wines than a unique acid, because each acid acts on the yeast metabolism in a special way.
We recommend this mixture:
- tartaric acid: 551 g
- malic acid: 248 g
- citric acid: 152 g
- succinic acid: 49 g
1 g of this mixture is equivalent to 1 g tartaric, which is our acid unit. ]
, pectinase, 8 g nutritive salts and 1 kg granulated sugar. Poor this solution onto 7-9 litres berries set in a bucket and mix. Bring the volume to 10 litres. Add 30 mL metaK [ Solution 0.25 M of potassium metabisulfite (K2S2O5, Mr=222), prepared by dissolving in water 55.5 g potassium metabisulfite (failing which, 47.5 g sodium metabisulfite - Na2S2O5, Mr=190) for 1 L solution.
10 mL of this solution equals 320 mg SO2 (5 millimoles).
This solution can be kept for a long time in a tightly sealed bottle. ]
. Ferment straight off, without analysing at this moment. Process then like for fine fruit pastes.


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