How to install GPS2Blue?

  1. If not already installed on your PDA, download .NET Compact Framework 2.0. Run the file on the PC to install it on the PDA through ActiveSync.
    Note: how do I know which versions of the .NET Compact Framework are installed on my device? All devices with .NET Compact Framework have an application called "cgacutil.exe" in \Windows and if you run that it will display which versions of the .NET Compact Framework are installed.
    Compact Framework 2.0 2.0.5238.0
    Compact Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1 2.0.6129.0
    Compact Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 2.0.7045.0
  2. Download GPS2Blue.exe and run it on the PC to install GPS2Blue on the PDA through ActiveSync (or download, copy it on the PDA and run it on the PDA).

How to use with TCP/IP over USB?

  1. On the PC, install HW VSP (version 3.0.23 or newer). Choose the standalone application installation.
  2. Connect the PDA to the PC with an USB cable.
  3. On the PC, run HW VSP.
    • In Settings tab: check "TCP Server Mode" and, to avoid unwanted traffic, uncheck "NVT Enabled".
    • In Virtual Serial Port tab: set the Port Name (the port to be created on the PC, it must be a free COM port not already used on the PC; for example COM9). Set IP Address to and Port to 31873.
      Note: to accept only data from the PDA, instead of, you can put the IP address of the PDA obtained with the "What's my IP" menu item of GPS2Blue.
    • Click on Create Com.
  4. On the PDA, run GPS2Blue.
    • Set the GPS COM port (it's the COM port that Windows Mobile uses for GPS communication. It depends of your PDA model). You can choose the GID port if available.
    • Set the communication Speed of the GPS COM port (depends of your PDA model, usually 4800).
    • Check TCP/IP box (and uncheck BT box).
    • Click the On button.
    Note: if everything is OK, Bytes: xxx will increase in GPS2Blue and Rx Counter will increase in HW VSP.
  5. On the PC, run your GPS software.
    • Set the COM port to the once created by HP VSP (COM9 in our example).
    • Set the speed to the once set in GPS2Blue (4800 in our example).
    • Start the connection.

Note: you can also look at the Guy's tutorial for Yakumo delta X.

Redirection works but there is no long/lat and LED remains grey.

The display of the longitude, latitude and LED only works when you use the GID port. GID means "GPS Intermediate Driver" (also named "Windows Mobile GPS server"). GID is available since Windows Mobile 5. You can activate it in the settings of the PDA (check "Manage GPS automatically"). With GID, you can share GPS data between several applications. To use GID, you have also to use the COM port associated with it.


Last updated: 3/2012.